Video is a very cost effective, & yet often over-looked, channel of communication for businesses in NZ &
around the world.

Whether they are in traditional format using actors or your own staff, of in screencast format whereby the video is created by recording your actions on your own computer screen, videos can be a very useful tool for a number of functions including:

- Staff training.
- Launching new products or services.
- Demonstrating product features.
- Creating "How to" videos for customers.
- Introducing your business.

Not only are videos useful for your staff, existing clients & those that you wish to be clients in the future,
videos aslo add dynamic content to your website that can help your website perform better in search results.

Simply having dynamic content in the form of videos embedded on your page not only tells search engines like Google that your content may offer more value over similar websites without video, but it also:

- Encourages visitors to interact with your content.
- Increases the average lenght in time that visitors stay on your page.
- Increases the chance of your visitors sharing your content with friends & family.

All of these things help to improve your websites posistion in search engines & potentially get your content in front of more people.

So in short It's never been more afordable to acess the huge worldwide audience that logs onto the internet everyday viewing more & more video content than ever before.
We can help you acess this audience by producing professional video to advertise your product or service on your website or youtube, Vimeo, Howcast etc.

Film - Script - Edit - Deliver


Once you have decided on getting SOLID web video the first step is to decide what type of video best suits your needs.
Product Demos - Business Profiles - CustomerTestimonials - Customer Support - Custom Video


Now we need to work out on the story & what you message you are trying to convey. We will work with you to refine a script that
best tells your story. Once the script has been finalised we will work out a shooting schedule & work with you to find locations
confirm the date.


On the day of filming day we will run over the schedule for the day with you. We will then work our way through the script making
sure we cover all of the main points. While we are if fimlming if you get any late inspiration we can make last minute changes to the sript. Once filming has wrapped we will let you know when the video will be ready to view.


During the editing process we piece together the footage following the script to create a smooth video. We will add on screen
graphics, logo's & any other branding you require. A custom sound bed can also be added at this stage. Once the video has been
completed we will show you. At this stage you can make changes if you need to.


Once we have your final approval we can deliver the video to you via flashdrive, DVD or upload it to youtube or on to you website.

Products - Pricing

Get a web video for only $500 +gst

For a LIMITED time we are offering $500 web videos.(sample below), The $500 videos will be no longer than
2min in lenght, it will be a professionally shot & edited video including a music bed plus your branding & graphics.
email us for more information

Avalaible in the Wellington region only






A 1-3min web video
Written script
Professionally shot footage
Professionally edited video
Production music
Branding & graphics
Travel within Wgtn region



A 2-3min web video
Written Script
Professionally shot footage
Professionally edited video
Production music
Branding & Graphics
Travel within Wgtn region


DVD of your web video
Travel outside of Wgtn region
Additional stock footage

* All prices are Gst exclusive unless otherwise stated *

Contact us on: 04 528 4408, 021 254 0190, or email:
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